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The Importance of Safety Apparel in the Workplace

For many workers, wearing the right outfit can make a huge difference between staying safe and putting themselves in danger. Safety apparel and workwear can protect a worker from any number of different dangers. Learn more about the history of this type of apparel and what types are available--that way you can make the right decision about safety workwear for yourself or those who work with you. The History of...

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Casual Employee Uniforms

Many employees look forward to Casual Fridays. It is the perfect opportunity for employees to shed their stiff business suits or khaki pants and dress shirts in favor of something comfortable, cozy, and filled with personality. Casual Fridays, or Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, are a weekly favorite, but...

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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Preshrunk T-Shirts

Many individuals are confused when they see a label that states a t-shirt has been preshrunk. They automatically think that the shirt has been completely washed and dried, which would eliminate any possibility of having it shrink during future washings. Unfortunately, that is a myth and we are here to debunk the myth surrounding preshrunk t-shirts....

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