Mar 282014

For many workers, wearing the right outfit can make a huge difference between staying safe and putting themselves in danger. Safety apparel and workwear can protect a worker from any number of different dangers. Learn more about the history of this type of apparel and what types are available–that way you can make the right decision about safety workwear for yourself or those who work with you.

The History of Safety Apparel

Since there were workers and clothing, there has been some form of work safe apparel. However, once machine-created clothing and equipment really caught on, safety apparel became more modernized and could better protect workers. For instance, according to, fire fighters in the United States first had access to a fire helmet in the 1730’s.

Different Types of Safety Workwear

There are as many types of safety gear available as there are jobs. Doctors wear masks that protect them from germs, construction workers need protective footwear, those who work outdoors may need high boots and thick pants to protect against snake or insect bites and those who are working on the road need reflective garments that allow oncoming motorist to easily spot them–even after dark. The most important thing is that the gear is specifically chosen for the job at hand.

Today, many workers aren’t left to their own devices when it comes to choosing the right safety apparel. There are different codes in place that regulate certain equipment be worn by workers in certain industries. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) dictates this in certain cases. Additionally, many employers have a commitment to safety, so these firms may have even stricter requirements for those who work there.

No matter what industry or what job you have, it is important that you follow safety apparel guidelines. Not only does it protect you from danger–it may be required by law!

Feb 262014

Many employees look forward to Casual Fridays. It is the perfect opportunity for employees to shed their stiff business suits or khaki pants and dress shirts in favor of something comfortable, cozy, and filled with personality.

Casual Fridays, or Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, are a weekly favorite, but what if as a business you could provide your employees with the option to take part in ‘casual’ workdays every day? Companies and businesses can with the introduction of imprinted apparel as a part of their employee uniform.

Casual Employee Uniforms Create a Sense of Professionalism

A casual employee uniform is more than just providing a sense of comfort to employees; it is about creating a sense of professionalism. Businesses need to present a uniform, professional image to customers in order to gain trust and a casual uniform achieves that goal.

Casual uniforms can be made out of crisp, high quality materials that make them appear almost as if they are as professional as a business suit or dress shirt, but without the stiff, uncomfortable feel. Materials, such as silk fibers or microfiber, provide businesses with the option to choose apparel that looks clean, crisp and professional.

Options Available for Casual Employee Uniforms

There is a considerable number of shirt styles available for businesses to choose from in an effort to create a casual employee uniform. Short and long sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts, and button down shirts are available. For the colder months, sweaters, zippered jackets, and hoodies can also be incorporated into a business’s casual uniform dress code.

In addition to having the ability to choose the style of shirts, businesses can also have control over the color of the clothing. Casual apparel comes in a variety of colors ranging from bright, vibrant shades to subtle, earth tones. Businesses can make their company recognizable to customers by trying to pick a color theme that represents their business.

Ability to Imprint Logos, Events, and Business Names on Apparel

The real key to creating a casual business uniform that looks professional is having some sort of logo or emblem that identifies the employees as representatives of a business. Casual employee uniforms can have this done by imprinting the company name or logo onto the shirt.

Businesses can purchase blank, solid colored t-shirts, sweatshirts, or polo shirts and then opt to have a logo, business name, or other picture imprinted on the apparel. The logo can be printed on the shirt sleeve, back, or pocket.

Boost employee morale by making every day casual Friday by incorporating a casual employee uniform into the dress code.

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