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This section is designed to help you understand how the ordering process works. Thanks to advancements in internet security, buying online is as safe as swiping your card at any store.

Below is the diagramed process of what happens when you purchase anything online. This is the process when you buy from any web site, not just Outlet Shirts. This is not the process for Paypal transactions.

Step One:
Your billing information is encrypted and sent to the merchant provider. For more information please read our page about secure web sites.

The merchant provider is the company that provides the terminal where your card is swiped. In the case of an online purchase it is no different. You typed in your card number instead of swiping your card. In both cases the billing information is securely transferred through the internet. — Yes, when you buy something at your local grocery store your information is transferred through the internet.

Step Two:
The merchant account company and your bank compare information.

Your bank will transmit your current billing info to the merchant account provider, your bank will also authorize or deny based upon credit availability. The billing information that you entered on Outlet Shirts will be compared to the information that your bank has regarding that card number.

If any of these do not match the information your bank has the card will be denied:

  • Billing address — Your billing address must match the address that the bank has on file (80% of the errors we see on Outlet Shirts)
  • Card number / Expiration date / Name on card / Card type
  • CCV number

If Your Card is Denied:
The information that you entered on Outlet Shirts does not match the information that the bank has regarding that card. The merchant account provider will deny the transaction, which will in turn notify Outlet Shirts. At this point you will see a “Credit Card Error”.

IMPORTANT: When this happens your bank will put a temporary hold on funds equal to the attempted purchase amount. Outlet Shirts has no control over this. These checks are a safety measure used to prevent credit card fraud. Outlet Shirts will never see any of the money being held. At this point you should check all of your billing information especially your address and ccv number before you try again.

If you are unable to complete a transaction please call us. We can take your information over the phone, and help to ensure that you will receive your order.

When Your Transaction is Successful:
You will be notified during the checkout process that your transaction was successful.

The merchant account provider will then notify Outlet Shirts, and you will see a check out success page. You will also receive an email confirmation.

Your order will then go into the queue and will be processed in the order it was received.

Behind the scenes your bank will transfer the requested funds to the Outlet Shirts bank.

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