Hanes History and Brand

This piece will take you through a brief history of Hanes. It will also provide you with a background of its products and market reach, and common use of the products.

Terry Cloth

This article gives a quick overview of Terry Cloth. Included are its manufacturing, uses, composition and recommendations for decorating.

Embroidery Backing: An Overview

This article covers Embroidery backing which is a stabilizer. In this writing I will provide a background for working with Backing. I will outline what Backing is, tips, how it is used, various applications for Backing, and the types of Backing available.

Wholesale T-Shirts Buyers Guide

The number of websites selling t-shirts can be overwhelming. In this article I will address some of the issues related to buying wholesale t-shirts. Here are some things that you should not do, and things that I would recommend. As…

20 Key Strategies for Embroidery Success

1) When purchasing Embroidery equipment of any kind, take advantage of any training offered to you by the supplier of this equipment. Some may also offer free follow-up training courses. While sometimes the classes may seem to cater to the…

Infant and Toddler Clothing

We are very excited to announce that we now are offering Toddler and Infant clothing. Precious Cargo is the newest product in our line from Port Authority. For those of us not wanting to spend a fortune on something that…