Fix a Mistake and Save a Customer

It is inevitable that at some point you will make a mistake on a customer’s order and have a choice; fix the issue and save the customer or dig in your heels and lose that customer. What some decorators (especially newer ones) may miss is that this may be more of an opportunity than anything else. It may cost you a little bit on the front end but fixing a problem can often turn out to be lucrative in the long run. Your customer may have much more buying power than you are aware or be well connected with potential referrals. It also speaks a lot to your integrity, ability to adapt, be agile and show you actually care. Just imagine you are the customer and how you would feel. The best case is to avoid a mistake in the first place.

Here are some things to help in that area:

  • Make sure you have trusted suppliers/vendors for your products that can deliver the correct goods to your shop in a timely fashion.
  • Make sure you have a good understanding of what your customer is looking for.
  • Provide complete and thorough bids/contracts with every order you do no matter how straight forward the job may look.
  • Get all your internal scheduling, work orders and all other details in place to ensure timely deliver. It is best to under-promise and over-deliver on lead times.
  • Provide accurate proofs of each job you do – PDF proof work very well for both screen print and embroidery via email or in person screen or sew out press checks for in-person proofs.

Remember if an issue does come up let your customer have their say and explain their position and no matter who is at fault do your best to rectify the situation. This might mean a full redo of the order at no-cost, partial credit or credit towards a future order.