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Embroidery is an excellent way to personalize any number of items—including clothing, towels, bags and more. Whether you are new to the concept of embroidery or you are highly experienced consumer, we invite you to check out our services and see how we can serve you.

What is Embroidery?

Custom embroidery is a method of adding personalization and style to nearly any fabric product. While embroidery can be done by hand, today heavy-duty embroidery machines read digital files and turn them into stitches. This works with not only simple designs (such as a name), but also with complex multi-colored images. Embroidery is very popular for commercial clients who want to emblazon a company logo, but it is also fun for individuals who want to create clothing or linen that is 100% unique.

Benefits of Embroidery

Embroidery offers many benefits when compared to, for example, iron-on letterings and designs. Embroidery is long-lasting and designed to look great for the life of the item itself. Additionally, embroidery is very customizable. While there may be limits as to what iron-ons are available, today—if you imagine it, it can be embroidered.

What Products Can Be Embroidered?

One of the biggest benefits of embroidery is the flexibility it offers. You can embroider something simple—like a Polo-style shirt, of course. However, there are many other products that work well with embroidery too. Regular T-shirts can be customized with a corporate logo, ball caps and other hats personalized with a team name can be monogrammed to make an excellent gift. The options are nearly endless. If you have questions about what products or materials work for embroidery, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for more information.

Be Prepared

If you decide that embroidery is the best way for you to add some personality or style to a particular item, or set of items, you need to be prepared. We recommend that you have a logo or piece of artwork ready to go when you are ready to begin the process. We will take care of turning your artwork into a file that is readable by our machine. Just make sure it is perfectly clear what your final goal is for appearance. We need to know what colors you wish us to use on every aspect of the design.

If you are concerned about what the final result will look like, don’t worry, our experts always produce a proof to show you what it will look like. Also be aware that our typical minimum quantity is 24 pieces. After all, our ultimate goal is to please our customers with every embroidery project we complete.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from our embroidery service, maybe you would like to talk to one of our experts. Fill out our bid request form so we can learn a bit more about your needs. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started with your embroidery project today!

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