Choose Between Embroidery and Screen Printing.


The application of your design or logo with thread by a computerized sewing machine. The thread is actually sewn into the garment.

Typically selected when working with a higher quality garment such as a polo or golf shirt. Embroidery is commonly regarded as a “classier” look and will hold up better over the long run. We can embroidery a T-shirt for example, however this typically adds too much additional cost to a low cost item and can look out of place. Most customers prefer to select Embroidery for executive, front office and sales staff uniforms. Embroidery is also preferred for jackets, polos, hats and other items that would be considered higher end or those having an uneven surface like a hat.

Screen Printing

The application of your design or logo with colored ink.

Often used to apply a design to a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Screen Printing is usually less expensive than embroidery, however if you have a large number of colors in your design, screen printing costs can be equal or more than embroidery. Having multiple print locations also increases the cost as there is more setup time and materials needed. Screen Printing is frequently selected whenever a large quantity is called for and often selected for single events like family reunions, charity events or for staff who might be working in an environment where the garment might be stained or damaged more easily. Screen printed items are also the most common promotional product for giveaways or contests.

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