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District Made Clothing

Weekends and evenings are the times when you can relax with friends and family or just by yourself next to a fire with a good book. District Made Clothing is perfect for these moments when all you want from your clothes is feeling and looking great while you have fun. District Made t shirts are the most comfortable shirts you will ever wear with long-, short- and 3/4-length sleeves and v- and crew-neck tops. District Made Apparel, made for both men and women, is just what you want to wear to your best friend's house for an early morning Sunday brunch.

Dressing Down in Style

Being comfortable on the weekend doesn't mean going without style. District Made clothing feels great, but they look terrific too. Layering them for cooler seasons is easy as pie, putting on a tank top, then t-shirt with a button-down and cardigan over top. If you get a bit warm, take off a layer or two. If you get a chill, add a layer on. You can literally wear District Made t shirts on hikes in the woods or for lunch out at your favorite cafe on a lazy Saturday. Take along Distract Made apparel when visiting relatives for the holidays or when going on a road trip with your old friends from college.

Relaxed Weekends with Friends

If you love spending the weekends with good friends strolling through antique shops or trying new restaurants, District Made clothing is ideal. These comfortable District Made t shirts, tank tops and cardigans go from shopping to a quick pick-up game of football. Relax while watching the big game with your family in these affordable shirts. Or go for a morning run in layers you can remove when you get warmed up. If you need to dress up a bit, pull on a long-sleeved washed woven shirt for men or women.

Romantic Weekends

For romantic weekends on the coast or in wine country, District Made apparel is perfect. You can easily tour attractions and spend an entire day in soft, relaxed styles. These high-quality pieces are designed for wine tasting, seeing the sights and meals on-on-the-fly. You and your loved one will find that you can do just about anything together while wearing District Made clothing.

Family Reunions

There is no better time for District Made t shirts than when you host a family reunion. Your family will love your new look and be jealous of your style. Easy mix-and-match tops and slacks work well for visiting with each other, playing volleyball and basketball or picnicking in the park. In the evening, slide on a jacket, hoodie or sweatshirt. Even a cardigan will do as an extra layer at night. Wrap yourself up in District Made clothing before heading to the fire pit and making s'mores with your siblings and cousins. No need to worry about a bit of marshmallow or graham cracker crumbs. Just wash your District Made apparel afterwards and start all over again the next day.

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