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Celebrating 20 years

Watch the video below and celebrate 20 years of Port Authority with us!

Video Transcription:

The inspiration for the launch really started in the 80's. The 80's was a time casual Fridays. People were able to wear less formal attire to work, but in many cases it had to have the company logo on it. There were products in the industry, we just felt we could do a better job. After about 3 or 4 years it was clearly obvious that Port Authority was a brand that was going to last a long time. You see on Golf courses, you see it in resorts, you see it in the workforce. I can't think of a place I have not seen Port Authority anymore. Our main inspiration for Port Authority is creating want to wear out of have to wear. Help us celebrate 20 years of this great brand!

Port Authority

Port Authority clothing remains in high demand thanks, in large part, to its amazing styling. Upon browsing this line, individuals find they can choose from a wide range of pieces covering everything from stylish to modern. The one thing all pieces have in common is their attention to durability and design detail. Clothing tends to become expensive, particularly when the items are only to be worn in the workplace. With these garments, the price remains affordable for all, and it has never been easier to combine a style that is guaranteed to attract attention everywhere it is worn with a logo that helps to increase brand awareness.

Companies often turn to Outlet Shirts when they wish to purchase these garments, as they know we are as reliable as Port Authority. There's a reason why it continues to be the number one private label company in the country and why Outlet Shirts remains a consumer favorite. When two outstanding companies partner, the customer wins in every way. This is our goal with every transaction we complete.

Why Port Authority Garments?

One reason consumers love Port Authority clothing is they know they can get the pieces they want and need at affordable prices. Whether a company is in need of a collared shirt, a basic tee, a ball cap, or sweatshirts, they will find it here, and the color options are outstanding. Everyone should be able to find a color they love, and many feel that the hardest part is limiting their choices to only a few. Once they purchase one garment, they want many more. Customizing a piece of clothing has never been easier thanks to Outlet Shirts and Port Authority, and the customer determines what goes on the item. This may be text or it may be the company logo, whatever the customer prefers. With the help of these garments, a business can increase brand awareness and project a professional image at all times.

Casual Fridays?

Although casual Fridays inspired the creation of Port Authority clothing, the business world has come a long way over the years. Individuals, in the past, were often limited in regards to what they wore, with many companies requiring the donning of garments that sported the company logo on these days. Although products were offered that would fulfill this requirement, they tended to be of low quality. Port Authority wanted to change this and did so with great success. It didn't take long for the company to take off and, today, Port Authority clothing may be found in the workplace, at resorts, on golf courses, and everywhere a person goes. The clothes are so amazing people want to wear them as opposed to being required to do so, and many find the selection to be adequate for them to wear these items every day. They are no longer reserved for Casual Fridays and the workplace.

Products Offered

Port Authority clothing comes in many sizes and varieties. Individuals will find they make polo shirts, soft shell jackets, five-panel snapback caps, and more. Choose from Xtreme backpacks, bucket hats, sports duffels, and microfleece, full-zip jackets. Other offerings include value fleece jackets, document totes, twill shirts, and slickers, and this is only the beginning. Regardless of what type of garment is desired, Port Authority is sure to make something to fit the bill, thus every company can find items that truly reflect the proper image for their organization.

Top Quality Items

One reason customers fall in love with Port Authority clothing is the level of quality seen in these garments. Customers frequently comment on the sizing of the products, saying they run true to size, and love the length of the garments, stating they cover the appropriate areas of the body. The clean lines are another customer favorite, as they present the person wearing the garment in a professional light. The garments are wrinkle free, which most will appreciate, and they are very comfortable. Furthermore, the colors are vibrant and hold up with multiple washings, which helps to save money for both companies and individuals alike.

Outlet Shirts serves as the number one retailer of this popular line of clothing. Individuals and businesses come to us simply because they know they can count on our fast delivery, outstanding customer service, and attention to detail. Those who try us find we  meet their needs in every way and come back again and again. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase at all times.

While on the site, be sure to browse the many other items we offer. We offer clothing for every member of the family and can assist with screen printing and embroidery. Although our name is Outlet Shirts, we offer more than just shirts, so be sure to check us out.